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That sounds funny, and for a while it plays like head-exploding gangbusters on screen, particularly when the young Mr.

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Lincoln a solid Benjamin Walker , in his grasshopper stage, begins learning how to swing a silver-tipped ax like a kung fu master. Silver used to seem reserved for slaying werewolves, but these days anything goes when it comes to monsters. Written by Mr. Henry teaches Abraham the Way of the Vampire Kill, an extended, enjoyable lesson that allows the performers to engage with each other rather than serving as props, like most of the actors here. Once Henry leaves the scene, the movie quickly deflates, both because Mr.

I suspected that they were indeed novelty items, but were rather more recent than many believed. I conducted a survey of the folklore surrounding 'real' vampires, that is, dead bodies exhumed by a troubled community and ritually 'killed' as scapegoats for whatever malaise might be affecting people. Nowhere was there evidence to support real vampire slayers carting about one of these kits. I persisted, revisiting the fictional stories and movies of my childhood and beyond, noting the development of the various ingredients in the typical vampire killer's toolbox.

It became clear that the "Blomberg" kits, with their focus upon silver bullets, were very unlikely to have existed prior to about the s at the earliest. Though constructed from antique boxes and contents, they were most likely not produced until the era of the classic Hammer vampire movies.

Other kits are harder to pin down in terms of date and could be older, but there is as yet no evidence of this. To some this might come as a disappointment, or even as a reason to decry the kits as fakes as some do. Would-be buyers should certainly not purchase under the apprehension that they are buying a Victorian antique as my own research has shown. So why acquire such an object regardless? Alaric Saltzman - The good version who only goes after evil vampires.

In the flashback segments, Jonathon Gilbert distant relative of Uncle John seems to have been a vampire hunting badass of the "they ALL must die" variety back in He "invented", with some help from Emily , several weapons and devices that can help him to easily locate and destroy vampires, many of which reappear in the modern setting.

Bad guy Connor Jordan and Elena's brother Jeremy Gilbert are part of the Brotherhood of the Five, which are sworn to kill all vampires. The Brotherhood was brought together by a witch and given supernatural powers and a map to a cure to vampirism. Tabletop Games. Hunter: The Vigil features hunters that will likely target vampires at some point. However, more true to the spirit of the trope are the Cainite Heresy, the remnants of an ancient Roman cult headed by a vampire who is very pissed off at being tricked.

They've found a way to use a derivative of vampiric blood magic, favor terrorist tactics, and have adopted "Who is Cain? Rudolph Van Richten, the iconic hero of Ravenloft , made it his life's work to eradicate all vampires ever since one of them turned his son, forcing him to mercy kill the boy. Since starting his quest, he also became an expert on all kinds of supernatural creatures, from werewolves and zombies to liches and The Fair Folk.

The Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collectible card game has the Muddled Vampire Hunter, an ally who can attack vampires, hits hard and strikes first, so any vampire he attacks with 3 or fewer blood points will get taken out instantly without a chance to strike back.

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If the vampire finds some way to resist, however, the hunter is toast. He's "muddled" because, as the ally of the player, he's unwittingly being controlled by an elder vampire. Video Games. Every Player Character in the Castlevania series, eventually, with the most prominent ones being the Belmonts.

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Rayne from BloodRayne is a dhampyr who hunts down vampires in hopes of finding and killing her fully-vampiric father. In The Elder Scrolls : Oblivion : One quest has a group of vampire hunters show up in Skingrad, where the undercover vampire Count Hassildor asks the player character to get rid of them one way or another.

Given that they do all their patrolling during the day and overlook the vampire den just down the road from the city gate, "hunter" is perhaps generous. The Order of the Virtuous Blood are a group of nominal vampire hunters who sheepishly admit that they don't actually have the talent or resources to hunt vampires, per se.

Given that their leader is a vampire Mole in Charge who frames innocents for his murders, that's probably for the best. Vampires are one of the supernatural creatures hunted by the Vigil of Stendarr, a group formed in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis with the goal of preventing such a calamity from ever happening again by destroying creatures Daedra, vampries, werewolves, undead, etc. He serves as one of the later bosses in the game, empowered by True Faith to face off against the player character.

In AdventureQuest an early class the player character could take was the Vampire Slayer, which was renovated into the Shadow Slayer and Night Hunter classes. Both classes specialize in skills that deal increased damage against undead, vampires, werewolves, and other night creatures, but the source of their powers are very much different.

The class trainers are Cenara and Donovan, respectively, who are dracopyres and hunt each other down. A side-quest in Dragon's Crown involves the mayor of a village plagued by vampire attacks hiring a vampire hunter after the local priest failed to stop the attacks. In Darkest Dungeon , the Fanatic is a vampire hunter added in the Crimson Court DLC which will attack your party members if they are infected by vampirism.

While he has the traditional vampire-hunting implements like garlic, stakes, and various holy protections and seals, he more resembles a crazed, fanatical monk, and he starts every round by trying to burn one of your heroes at the stake. If his stake is destroyed, he becomes even more deadly.

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The main character of 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds , Lucy, is one, though her usual role is as The Bait , with her friends Maggie and Luke handling most of the actual slaying. In the True Ending , there's a chance that Claire the cashier will join them. Visual Novels.

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Season three of Havenfall Is for Lovers introduces a female vampire hunter who claims the name Van Helsing, and takes a few style notes from Vampire Hunter D and the various Belmonts of Castlevania while she's at it. Since a vampire and a werewolf both number among the protagonist's close friends and potential love interests, Van Helsing's arrival in Havenfall provides more than a little cause for concern. Blip has their resident Friendly Neighborhood Vampire tangle with a Mexican vamp hunter at one point. Jack Recker thinks he's a vampire hunter.

Turns out he's just a serial killer who targets Goth kids. Tragically, despite all the weirdness of the setting, there doesn't seem to be any vampires for her to hunt. But if any ever show up, she's ready! Sluggy Freelance : Riff does it on the side, after having had to save his friends from vampires in "Vampires". He has a super-fast stake launcher that fires all its stakes instantly and takes days to reload.

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After having been transferred to Alaska , he finds a new job making and selling vampire hunter equipment, as there turn out to be a lot of vampires in Alaska. One of Riff's customers is Kent's uncle Arminius Vambrey, a real full-time vampire hunter, who's good at what he does no vampire except Philinnon has survived a confrontation with him but so paranoid about vampires that he has trouble doing anything else.

There's also Muffin the Vampire Baker , who thinks vampires need to be killed by baking them in an oven due to a mistranslation in some old texts. As seen here , Vampire Queen Philinnon also employs vampire hunters, chief among whom is Master Urja. Since Vrykolakas vampires like her can be killed instantly by poking a stake through their heart, she wears armour just and only next to her heart.

Note that this is not Hunter Of Her Own Kind because she works for another evil vampire and just hunts rival vampires. Who else Philinnon has wanted hunted before Sam, who earned her permanent enmity within ten seconds of first opening his mouth, is unknown as of that comic. In Charby the Vampirate Victor introduces himself as a vampire hunter. While the organization he works for does seem to focus on hunting vampires they're more of a Creature-Hunter Organization without true specialization beyond anything supernatural that is dangerous to humans. Bram's family is part of the association.

Other members that have showed up are Summer Buffy's daughter with an unknown father , Boris Vordenburg, an assortment of Belmonts and Blade's daughter. Web Original. Vamp You loves these guys; they make great victims. The titular Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers slay vampires. It's what they do.