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Well, for one, size does matter.

Book: The Politics of Green Transformations

Successfully creating bigger, bolder and more meaningful experiences is a tall order. It's challenging, but necessary to break through the information free-for-all that defines our digital "airwaves". When we find a communication platform that not only conveys a message, but also moves people - in spirit and in action - it's worth exploring. And that's what we've done.

Stellar Transformation Book 1

It involves projecting static or animated digital media onto just about any surface conceivable instead of being constrained by traditional, flat screens. When you scroll through this site and flip through the Book of Transformations, you'll see the different ways artists have conceptualized and delivered larger-than-life visual experiences using projection mapping. Legend has it that the Yi Jing is perhaps the oldest known book in the world. Some claim that it is even derived from an oracle-system known as the Tortoise Oracle.

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The diviner would either read the markings on the back of the tortoise, or would heat the shell in a fire and then read the associated cracks that would appear. The greatest tale describes how around BC, the Emperor Fu-shi Fu xi was once meditating by the Yellow River when an aged tortoise slowly emerged from the water and revealed to him the trigrams of the I Ching.

The following image depicts his eightfold trigram:.

Later, these eight trigrams were paired in what formed the 64 hexagrams of the Yi Jing System. His system, too, depicts the Yin and Yang and how they represent the negative and positive dualisms that exist in the cyclic created order of things.

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This tortoise motif will be an accompanying image throughout our own series on the Unborn I Ching and will be represented as such:. For Taoists, the snake is well-known for its vibrant cultivation of Primordial-Qi Energy which becomes activated throughout the chakra-system as the spiral movement of the Great Kundalini, or Serpent Energy.

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For Taoists many times this serpentine-like energy becomes intertwined with the symbol of the tortoise, which represents longevity. This suitably depicts the merging of Wisdom and Primordial Qi.

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The Book of Transformations by Mark Charan Newton

As we know from past blog posts here, this is indeed a True Alchemy of Mastery over the samsaric elements via the Self-Transformation of our innate wholeness in the Unborn. We have also seen how the Five Dhyani Buddhas serve as a catalyst in this spiritual enterprise as they transmute the negative energies of the five-skandhas into the Clear Light of the Tathagatas. In Unborn I Ching these Five Tathagatas serve a similar function in that they make up the Six Trigrams that constitute the core of this particular I Ching-system; the following is a representation of this singular trigramic pattern:.

I just love Grace Paley stories. That story makes me cry every time. He never washed.

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  5. He had an unhappy smell, he got smaller, shriveled up little by little, till goodbye and good luck. Can you point to a line or a paragraph where she reaches a tipping point? Every bit of it is an act of release, a declaration of freedom. The transformation is already there.

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