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Customer Service: webstore paulinemedia. Santa's Secret Story. Do you know Santa's secret? Related Products. Bible Stories for Little Ones. Christmas Fun Bible Activity Book. My Bible. My Storytime Bible. Queen and the Cross: The Story of St. Road to Christmas Day. Saint Who Fought The Dragon.

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Spider's Gift - A Christmas Story. Ten Christmas Sheep. Title Search. Keyword Search. All Products Store Adult Faith Formation Church Documents Media Education Ministry Resources Movie Lectionaries Prayer Books Theology of the Body Bible on CD Rosary on CD Spoken Word Audio Books Coloring Books Kids' Subjects Sale Items Pauline Books and Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of St. We are all about helping you discover hope in your life.

That's because we believe that Christ, our ultimate hope, is the Light revealing to each person the mystery and meaning of their life. There are a lot of publishers and book stores that do what we do. What makes us different is our why and our for whom. Login or sign up to leave a comment. This tea is so good. Too bad I steeped it in my Timolino tumbler. Ozli: : Yeah…. Ne It does have a mesh basket.

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The Timolinos are fabulous, really. I brew my tea in a different cup, let it cool a bit, then pour into the thermos and go. If I brew in-thermos using boiling water, I do have to wait a few hours before I can drink it, which is perfect if you want tea a few hours later I often do! And yes, the little basket is mesh, and works great for most things, but rooibos will get through a bit, just FYI. The problem is if you leave the basket in with tea, you will get floaties while drinking, as the holes in the top part of the mug are quite a bit bigger. I did! There a lot of reviews on Steepster for it too!

Perhaps wait until Boxing Day?? Love and adore this blend. My amazing and wonderful mother in law found me some soy egg nog for the holidays and sent an unopened carton home with me. Eventho I have been lacto-ovo veg for 18 years I have been cutting back on my diary again…digestion issues, etc…anyhow…let me know if you find any good products and I will try and let you know, too! So much love for that store! That sounds delicious!

Love that tea! I like substituting almond milk when mixing with teas, it adds a little bit of sweetness that usually complements perfectly! I have been adding Vanilla Almond Milk to some of my teas.

But only with this tea! Creepiness of that song aside, this tea is still going strong. Delicious, creamy and smooth, it has a richness that is surprising, considering the fairly minimal ingredients list. I wish I had ice cream that tasted like this… Though at this point, I wish everything tasted like this. The only candy cane ice cream I can find is full of chocolate, booo! There was a Chapmans one at my grocery store that looked good, but I boldyl walked by. If it was the one with a penguin on it, then yep!

Choco city. I find this tea much more satisfying and makes me feel less guilty than the candy cane hot chocolate from tims! I knooooooooow. Those towering scoops of ice cream is every flavour imaginable. I miss it so much.

Santa's Secret Workshop at Horner | Chicago Park District

Creepyiness of the song? You must be too young to enjoy real music I suppose that says something about my liking the tea, and I do, in a vague and generic sense. So there are options for peppermint chocolate teas.

Hahaha thanks cavo! And nxtdoor, nope, neither of those LOL. I caved and bought a bunch of the winter blends yesterday, all but sleigh ride, coffee cake had a sample in store, too much like RVC and chocolate chili chai. The dry smell is nice and sweet, peppermint and vanilla.

Santa's Secret Workshop at Horner

I steeped for around 5 minutes. Steeped, also minty and sweet.

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The flavor is very good, a light vanilla melding with a mild peppermint to make for a cozy, warming brew. Regardless, both of those mint teas have their pros.

Santa's Secret (CHRISTMAS WISHES: bOOK 1)

Maybe I was scared it would taste like actual candycanes lol. I might have to break down and try this one with some Soy Milk — just because — but this is lovely as-is!!! Did you see their 25 days of christmas? And I had to lose my debit card on Friday so no orders for me for a week or two. Oh, well. This sounds amazing! I just had this today and, on a whim, I opted to try this with soy milk. I think it was quite nice actually.

Santa's Secret Helper

I am so upset because my new order from Davidstea should be here but the tracking has not updated since yesterday afternoon. Stupid UPS. I know where you live, UPS. Happy March in Georgia indeed. So I really need something comforting and this is doing the trick. I love how creamy this tastes without adding anything, and the peppermint adds this nice comforting smoothness.

I love this tea. I recently had UPS lose a package. Of course they never admitted that the package was lost. And no, they will never admit they lost it. UPS is horrible, they left one of my tea packages out on the steps while it was pouring rain outside, needless to say it was ruined and i was mad, called and complained and now they wont deliver here anymore i have to drive to the hub to pick up my packages :. I looked out my window and saw it.