Grant Writing and Fundraising Tool Kit for Human Services (Standards for Excellence)

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Citizen support for libraries received a big boost on February 1, This marks the date when Friends of Libraries U. There are advocacy resources for library trustees and Friends groups. See USA.

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Clow, Faye and Benjamin Goldberg. Forming and Funding Public Library Foundations , 2nd ed. Chicago: Public Library Association, Dolnick, Sandy. Foley, Chris. Herring, Mark Y. New York: Neal-Schuman, Moore, Mary Y. Reed, Sally Gardner, and Beth Nawalinski. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, A continuously updated list of library grant and grantwriting resources is compiled by this office at the social bookmarking web site, delicious. Government web site Grants. Learn more about Grants. The Foundation Center answers its 15 most frequently asked questions about getting grants and grantwriting on its web site; if your question doesn't appear or you'd like further clarification on an answer, you can Ask the Online Librarian of The Foundation Center , even chatting live with a librarian during scheduled hours on weekdays.

Corporate Giving Online online database. New York: The Foundation Center. Foundation Directory Online online database. MacKellar, Pamela H. Maxwell, Nancy Kalikow, ed. Staines, Gail M.. Go Get That Grant! Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, Corson-Finnerty, Adam. Library Trends Vol. Corson-Finnerty, Adam and Laura Blanchard. Fundraising and Friend-Raising on the Web.

Holt, Glen E. Materials listed in this fact sheet that are published by the American Library Association are available through the ALA Online Store ; you can always see the most current lists of Budgeting, Finance and Fundraising as well as Advocacy titles. For all other materials, contact the publishers directly, or check the collection at your local public library enter your zip code into the box in the upper right corner of ALA's AtYourLibrary.

And this URL still works as a "shortcut" link to this web page. For more information on this or other fact sheets , contact the ALA Library Reference Desk by telephone: , extension ; fax: ; e-mail: library ala. Skip to main content. ALA Library Fact Sheet 24 In recent years, many librarians have turned to nontraditional sources of funding to ensure that their library or library system will be able to provide necessary services with a high degree of excellence. Recent law, corporate, and even public library closings are the sad confirmation that libraries are no longer a given.

Despite the fact that librarians bring unique value to their communities and organizations, too often their work goes on under the radar. The benefits provided by information professionals are invisible and taken for granted as Internet search engines replace real experts.

It's time to assert your value and the value of the resources you marshal. Step from behind the desk or computer to make your community aware of just how indispensable your services are. Here are all the tools you need to become the "squeaky wheel" and attract the attention your work deserves.

Use these practical strategies to connect with customers, make services both visible and valuable to the community, and get the word out using proven marketing, customer service, and public relations tactics specifically tailored to the library environment. Library directors, department heads, solo librarians: Learn how NOT to be invisible! Packed with all the best practices in marketing library services, this hands-on guide provides inspiring stories and case studies of library colleagues around the nation who are successfully advocating and marketing themselves and their services.

Fewer employees, shorter hours, diminished collection budgets, reduced programs and services—all at a time of record library usage. Be frugal! In this book, library expert Carol Smallwood demonstrates that despite the obvious downsides, the necessity of doing business differently can be positive, leading to partnering, sharing, and innovating.

This collection speaks to universal concerns, presenting creative and resourceful solutions from dozens of librarians representing a wide variety of institutions. That falls under the mantle of grant administration, and has nothing to do with grant writing. Moreover,I have the feeling that the list is assuming an in-house grant writer, and more and more this is a field that is moving to off-site contractors, as small and medium-sized nonprofits find themselves unable to afford the salary and benefits of a full-time grant writer.

Grant Writing and Fundraising Tool Kit for Human Services (Standards for Excellence)

I have a particular problem with the grantwriter issuing the progress reports, because it behooves the grant writer to present a rosy picture of the use of funds. This more properly belongs in the financial management section of the nonprofit or their accounting firm. Hello Scott: First, there is absolutely a direct and clear application of your business writing skills to those required for non-profit grant proposal writing. When consulting later, I helped non-profit clients to hire a number of others with for-profit writing experience.

The AFP connection is a very good one. Taking those suggestions will have a good chance that open up a course of action, leading to a staff job, going freelance, or having you as a member of a consulting firm.

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This is a great article! Thanks for this article.

Fundraising Resources for Women and Girls Worldwide

I am transitioning over to grant writing from the construction industry. I contacted my local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I am excited to see what kinds of opportunities exist in my area for grant writing. Not sure at this point if I want to work as a grant writing consultant or for a non-profit. Dawn: Thank you. For what you can do to get the word out in Atlanta regarding your grant writing skills, begin by scrolling up this page to the section, How to Find Grant Writing Jobs.

Work on the most likely, beginning with the contact to your local AFP Chapter.

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Then, to make those phone calls to non-profits as described. By the way, remember that your good writing skills can be employed in the for-profit sector as well. Looking to the Chamber of Commerce and Small Business rosters for contacts may turn up jobs writing business plans, requests for bank and other investor loans. As well, writing their newsletters, brochures, press releases, sales letters, etc. This is a fantastic resource. I have just transitioned from a full time executive position with a non profit and am, as a seasoned grant writer, am looking to do some consulting work by providing my services to all sorts of agencies needing grant writers.

I see so many development and grant writing positions similar to sales positions in the past. Is there a large market for grant writers? Thank you. We worked to make the article as concise—and all inclusive—as possible. The grant proposal writing operation, in total, continues to be among the top fund-raising topics of interest and concern in the non-profit world. This is indeed the most concise article on Grant Writers that I have read in 5 years!

No kidding. It covers every aspect of the profession. Chuck: Thank you, and good luck to you. With your extensive grant proposal writing experience, you have a lot more going for you than luck. I do have a few suggestions to help with your search for clients:. Often, such firms, or even an individual consultant or partners, need to add to the team a grant proposal writer. You may want to expand your services in that way with such an opportunity, or otherwise on your own. Best of all good luck to you and to your wife in her new job.

Your overview of both the challenges of being a grant writer and the basics are very good, consise and accurate. I have been a grant writer for more than twenty years in local government, nonprofits and higher education. Every work setting has its own unique requirements — but every organization in the public sector is interested in securing external funds to do more or offer enhanced services, to advance the mission. The bulk of my professional grant writing in recent years has been as a consultant in northeast Ohio, and I have just moved to St.

Louis, following my wife who has taken a faculty position in this new market for me. I have no professional history or ties in our new home, St. Do you have any specific suggestions for a seasoned grant writer making connections and contributing in a new and different regional market following a relocation like mine.

Chuck Schuller, M.

Project Proposal Writing: How To Write A Winning Project Proposal

Hello Christine: I am pleased that the article is of good use to you as you begin your grant proposal writing career. Best wishes for success. Success can me measured in a number of ways, but two of the foremost, are that your work is well done and well received, and secondly, that you are fairly and promptly compensated for your good work. The latter is not the case, as your good hard work could very well go for naught should the grant not be awarded. Frankly, if the organization is not in position to pay you for your time and effort to produce work for them prior to any grant decision, then I would not worry so much about burning any bridges behind you while explaining to them why you cannot be so engaged.

By any other name, or in any other form, contingent-pay arrangements are definitely not in the best interests of the grant proposal writer, nor, actually, are they good in the long-term for an organization. Mr Poderis: Thank you for a great article! I will definitely keep this handy.

Find a copy in the library

How do I convey my reservations of this arrangement without burning any bridges? And, do look in on a current Internet discussion hosted by the Foundation Center and begin some useful dialogues with grant writer colleagues. This is so Awesome! I truly appreciate this post and I will be using it as I seek out grant writing opportunities.

I have an additional question:. Are there any keywords that should be included in a proposal??? Also, Are there any Red Flags that writers should stay away from? Can one get paid in this endeavor, and what do you recommend in the way of looking for reviewing jobs? Isabelle: Good for you to distance yourself from any form of contingent-pay for your good work, and in fact, the organization would be better off. I expect you did see in my article above the several real consequences of such agreements. In addition, look again at the first section in the article, and from where you see — The grant writer will: — ask yourself how you would do with each of the eight points as you would being working with the organization.

However, being able to explain the grant writing process you will employ for them with assurance, should be convincing. The hourly rates charged by grant writers ranges far and wide. I gave a middle-ground figure. What you can do in two hours, may take someone else four or more hours.

Or even the other way around, until you get more work experience.


The efficiency varies greatly as well due to factors out of the control of the grant writer, regarding how much of the material given you is writing-ready, the availability of the staff and others you need for proposal material, etc. Thus, you are the best judge to know what you can bring to the organization in all of the best ways at the hourly or project rate with which you feel comfortable. Thank you for this information! However, they did ask me to provide a more appropriate compensation option.

Any suggestions on an appropriate compensation method? Suzy: Best wishes to you beginning your grant proposal writing career. I am pleased the article is of use to you. Keeping their business, and keeping them in the real world of where the money is, could be another good service for you to provide. Keep looking in to our website for new material, especially regarding grant writing.

Colleen: Thank you. Good luck to you as a grant writing professional. I am pleased that the article helped with your ability to propose and present your compensation needs to prospective clients, and that my tips about how to get started as a freelance professional may be a way for you to get the clients. Though the following article deals with an overall fund-raising development consulting career, do look it over and perhaps some of the elements and issues can be adapted as well to your grant writing profession:.

Poderis, Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge on this topic. As a beginning grant writer, it is so helpful. Best, Suzy. One of the biggest questions I had was in regard to grant writing fees. Now I wish to begin working on my own. This decision brings me to the second question I had: How do I get started as an independent grant writer?

Thank you VERY much for sharing your expertise and insights. I absolutely agree with Alex! Thank you for such clear, concise information. Actually, I am still reading the article and I am certain that I will return to it again and again for information and kernels of knowledge. Katherine: A Google search, typing simply — nonprofit grant writing books — will turn up many sources for books for you to review. Plus, beneficial networking is possible when you engage in dialogue with other grant proposal writers. One such forum is hosted by the Foundation Center.

Check in, and ask away. There are a number of helpful grant proposal writing professionals whom are regular posters.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Research grant-making organizations and analyze them to identify likely funding sources for specific projects and programs. Compile, write, and edit all grant applications exhibiting strong expository writing skills and a high-level command of grammar and spelling. Review the budget of a project or program for which funding is sought and make recommendations to better present it to grant-making organizations.

Keep in contact with grant-making organizations during their review of a submitted grant application in order to be able to supply additional supportive material. Manage the process of supplying progress reports when required by a grant-making organization that has funded a project or program. The practice is increasing. The practice is troubling the grant writing profession. It is almost always a requirement by funders that every dollar to be raised for and spent on projects be accounted for on a line-item basis.

It would make no difference what the commission size or even if the contingency-pay were a flat fee. Grant-writing expenses are seen as part of an organizations operating budget. Few if any foundations, corporations, or governmental organizations are willing to make a grant when a portion of the money granted is to be used to pay a grantwriting fee. Remember, the grant is being requested for a specific project, not to offset operating expenses nor to disguise a professional fee.

A non-profit or a grant writer that fails to take the possibility of such a caveat into consideration may be facing a rude awakening. You do not know in advance the foundations which are over committed to funding other organizations, have limited resources, thus they will not have funds available for you at the time, nor possibly for some time to come. What if the grant was to be paid out over a number of months—even years? Would an organization be willing to pay the grant writer for the services rendered in full at the moment of grant approval?

Should the grant writer be willing to accept a compensation payment schedule in sync with that of the grant award which could be spread out over several years? The grant writer should be ready to accept the fact that she or he will receive little pay for a major work, should a much lesser amount be granted than was originally requested.

A grant writer could conduct the best possible research, make the most helpful recommendations, and even voice strong protests and caution when called for—but project directors and executive directors will prevail should they insist that the grant request be written in spite of flaws and concerns. Most grantors have greater vision than grant-proposal-submitting organizations. Grantors routinely look for assurance from the organizations that what they fund will be reasonably evaluated and measured in the longer term for effective and efficient use of their money, and that the organizations have future financial sustainability plans in place, or pending—especially that there are well developed long-range, strategic plans in place or being planned.

Grant proposals, even the best of them, are all too often prepared and presented to potential grantors when the organizations have no, or few, other important sources of contributions to show, especially from their boards of trustees. Chances are slim to none for grant awards when there are no other visible and viable sources of support available to the organization.

Before you engage a grant writer, you should already have: Defined the project or program you want to get funded. Determined who will actually solicit the funds and how they will do it. The three basic areas for which you are likely to be seeking grants are to: Create new programs and services. Support ongoing programs and services.

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  • Grant Writing and Fundraising.
  • Provide annual operating funds. Grant making organizations and what they are likely to expect of you. Addenda From time to time, consultant grant writers and organizations, seeking to engage a grant writer on a temporary or project basis, want to know what amount of fee is fair and reasonable. How to Find Grant Writing Jobs When you are ready to start your own grant writing consulting career, or you want to increase your client base, you might be able to secure freelance grant writing opportunities in some, or all, of the following ways: Send letters to development officers of non-profits in the geographic area of your choice United Way, universities, hospitals, etc.

    You might just make contact at the right time when an organization is in the middle of a full-time grant writer search, and could make good use of your interim freelance services. Not to mention the many additional non-profits with no such full-time staff position which are generally in need of the services of a freelance grant writing professional. It is one of the best ways to get to know individuals who work for non-profits and to have them know that you are in the consulting business should they have a grant writing need some time or another.

    This is true as well with board members of organizations who are at those meetings. See your nearest AFP Chapter from their geographic search page. Offer your free lecture services. Maybe the local Library, United Way, Business Volunteerism organization, or University, would welcome such a talk as part of their production of seminars and community programs specific to non-profits, or general in nature.

    To stand up in front of a group comprised of individuals from non-profits, and deliver a talk on the process of grant writing, is one of the best ways for them to see and hear you in action. Offer an article, or articles, on grant writing to some of the non-profits at work in your area for publication in their newsletters. Look for any opportunity to have something you have written be published somehow, somewhere, in your community: i.

    Many of the board members whom you served, or otherwise knew, when you worked as a development professional, most likely are members of other boards of trustees for other organizations. Remind them of your good association during your development professional time with them, and ask that they consider your services when the need arises as they serve on the boards of other community organizations.

    As they talk to grant seekers and grant getters, these stewards of foundation and corporate money many times want to be in position to name grant writing consultants for the benefit of those organizations to contact as a resource for their fund-raising needs. What worked best over time, and accounted for almost all of my engagements with clients, was the good old WOM Word Of Mouth.

    Do all you can to have your name readily recalled and mentioned—and better yet, recommended—when the subject of available, experienced, and capable,— —grant writing professionals comes up. When you contact those non-profits in your area and you find no staff grant writer employed, ask to speak to the Development officer and inquire about any grant writers he or she might have hired on a consulting basis. Many times, such organizations cannot justify a full-time grant writer, and do hire on a part-time, or special project, basis, thus being in a good position to make helpful referrals for your search.

    Contact the nearest chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals AFP in your area to search for a grant writer. Usually, there are many such leads to be found there. Brief summary of organization mission and goals. Additional information required by each individual funder. General Operating Proposals 1. Overall goal s of the organization for the funding period. Activities and who will carry out these activities. Long-term funding strategies. All Other Proposal Types 1. Situation a.

    Activities a. How will you measure these changes? What will you do with your evaluation results? Attachments Generally the following attachments are required: Finances—Most recent financial statement from most recently completed fiscal year, audited if available, showing actual expenses. This information should include a balance sheet, a statement of activities or statement of income and expenses and functional expenses.

    Some funders require your most recent Form tax return. Organization budget for current year, including income and expenses. Project budget, including income and expenses if not a general operating proposal. Additional funders. List names of corporations and foundations from which you are requesting funds, with dollar amounts, indicating which sources are committed or pending List of board members and their affiliations. Brief description of key staff, including qualifications relevant to the specific request. If applying to a corporate funder only: if an employee of this corporation is involved with your organization, list names and involvement.

    Statement of activities income and expenses. Statement of functional expenses. What Should the Letter Include? The amount of the request How much money do you need? The total project budget What is the total cost of doing the project? The total organizational budget What is the annual cost of running your entire organization? Other project funders, if any Who else is supporting the project? The project objectives and the time frame What do you want to accomplish and how long will it take?

    Methods to be employed What approach will be used to accomplish the objectives? Organizational background What experience does your organizational have? Tips for Writing Letters of Inquiry or anything else Proofread carefully. Spelling and grammatical mistakes will not make a good first impression. Avoid jargon. Use simple, straightforward English. Ask at least one other person to read the letter before you drop it in the mailbox. Project initiator — manager should draft with guidelines provided by the grants writer. Final proposal should be written by the grants writer. Prepare the budget first — then make sure your proposal supports each item in the budget.

    Write the summary last. Choose a project title of ten or fewer words. Suggest in your title results, rather than a plan. Include a table of contents if the proposal exceeds ten pages. Use contractions for ease of reading. Accentuate the positive. Stress opportunities over needs. Be positive.

    Use simple words. Avoid acronyms, literary references, and jargon. Use strong verbs. Describe the emotions and the well-being of your beneficiaries. Write short paragraphs of four to six lines, if possible. Strive for strong 1st-sentences for each paragraph. Use the active, rather than the passive, voice. If you have trouble getting started, go back to your budget. Money has a way of helping to refine methods and objectives. Fill in the blanks on an application form. Use a few clear statistics — rather than a number of ineffective ones.

    Use graphs and charts wherever possible. Always include a plan for funding the project after the grant ends. What do you want? How much, and for what? What is the purpose of your organization? How old is the organization? What is the average age and income of those whom you serve? What service s do you provide? How many beneficiaries of your programs and services did you serve last year? How much does it cost per-beneficiary to provide your service s? What makes you unique? Who is you chief executive officer? What are his or her qualifications?

    Hello dear friend I am from Bangladesh,where laboratory facilities are very poor,I want to go to the European and American country to do some reasearch work as a student of Masters,could u tell me how can i get any kind of financial help and from here? Dear my good friends, I am Betty, a Ugandan and i work with a rural micro-finance in Buikwe, Uganda, where i am mobilizing my fellow female youth to save and start their own home based business. Now i wish to know which organization can fund my activities to reach out to more rural women who are in the poverty shaken situation.

    Yours truly; Betty. Thank you for these vital information. We have a project code named women empowerment. Under this project women are trained to have skills for their livelihood. The women are made to acquire skills in economic ventures like soap making and they are doing very well. However funding is very much needed to train more women in soap and bread making.

    Many women groups like palm oil and kennel, farmers, garri making producers have approached REDEP for support. Development of deaf opportunity international is seeking fund to advocate for the right of persons with disabilities and willing work in collaborates with other partners working in the disability sector.

    The Seven Cardinal Rules of Fundraising Writing

    I am really impressed by these resources and would want to say that what is critical is to develop the concerned persons like the women and girls from an early age. Secondly, we need to support the groups that are supporting women and girls including those on technical skills development coupled with financial services specifically for the same group. This would uplift the group off course not leaving the men as some men can be a hindrance to the programmes that may be initiated. I am one of the persons heading an organization that links students to the labour market and my experience is that women are difficult lot to sell to a particular company even for apprenticeship so I feel the possible option is to have them specially targeted for guarantees of credits to enable them come out of the trap.

    Our organization, samrudhi foundation is a non profit, non governmental and non political organization. Anitha project co-ordinator. AIM also work on the improvement of girls education and the empowerment of women. Our organisation is based in semi-rural town of Lunsar. We are seeking for support in empowering and mentoring the youth both male and female in entrepreneurship skills for job creation. Dear Sir, Greetings. PIN: Our organization, Priyadarshini seva madali is a non profit, non governmental and non political organization registered under Society Registration Act E of Government of India.

    We are the grassroot organisation working in Andhra pradesh since 19 year with donation In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind perusal. That is a great opportunities foir the young women here in northern Uganda. Lakoch jb. We have the wing known as the Association of Women with Disability which works for the welfare of women with Disability in the Region. We have applied for FCRA.

    We are the grassroot organisation working in Uttar Pradesh since one year by our own funds. In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind perusal. Project: Building Key Skills for the achievement of to achieve of gender equity in light of the National in the Gender Policy perspective.

    The Project aims to develop monitoring systems for the gGender policy atin provincial and district levels and in the Local Advisory Councils, boards of schools and district governments such as through ground visitsing to the sites where the of implementation local of governments programs and civil society implement their activities, which will enable the project to for the collection of information through various research methods in order to check periodically the levels of knowledge and implementation of gender politics and their impact on the s well as it directly affects the lives of women, girls and children.

    In At schools and communities LADC intends to hold lectures and discussions on gender and gender relations in order to remove cultural barriers that prevent girls and women from participatingon in decision-making bodies since childhood, which leads to low no retention rates among of girls in schools, gender roles within the domain of women in the family and discrimination in society.

    The institutions of local community participation as local advisory councils, boards of schools, must be trained in matters related ing to the Ggender Policy and Beijing Action Plan Beijing to develop an ability to analyze programs, projects, strategies and budgets and influence decisions makers at the local level for to benefit balance of equality of opportunities between men and women. To give improve the deepest knowledge of the communities in-depth knowledge on the situation of gender, the project will be carryied out researches, studies on the perceptions andof local perspectives of views on gGender equality, it will allow the defineition of clear strategies to be adopted to achieve the goals set out in policiestics and gender relations social gender in a balanced way in diverseeach aspects rea of social intervention.

    The studies also will help to define key indicators for the assessment of the gender policy in the current context as well as identify new challenges related to achieving the gender as a function of current and new challenges for achieving the objectives of the Gender Policy. As there is no specific support in this area, For the civil society organizations need assistance to implement effectively the gender policy. The dissemination sclosure of the gGender pPolicy will consist in promoting discussions with members of the school in boards of schools on gender with the participation of tTeachers, sStudents and gGuardians on with issues related to of interest to the dissemination of the gGender pPolicy and Action Plan for Beijing in its fullness such as.

    The LADC is currently working on spreading the law on domestic violence against women in Maputo, through lectures, debates, cultural activities such as community theater, films about domestic violence in schools for students in the markets for sellers and communities to the general population. The LADC conducted two surveys on domestic violence shows that there are many people who suffer from domestic violence without reacting against such acts, identified many victims of domestic violence in communities, markets and schools, and found the lack of knowledge about the law domestic violence against women which was approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique in The LADC will develop a chain of monitoring systems to monitor the implementation of the gender policy at both the central and local level, in ministries and local government sities, since the town advisory board, district development councils, school councils, the advisory board of the district, provincial council and the civil society organizations such as unions, provincial forums, student unions.

    These will, to collect at various levels the information that the LADC as a coordinating organization will use the data or information monitoring at various levels to promote advocacy for changes in matters of gender equality. Women constitute more than 51per cent of our population here in Zimbabwe and our Organisation represents the Voices of Victims of political motivated violence I have daughters and I understand how vulnerable snd sensitive young women are and have recieved many reports of rape of minors and heard of rape of mionrs in other countries too.

    Our founding member just had his daughter raped at 11 by a 21 year old youth who confessed and got 25 years theres no gauratee what he will do next since he will only be a middle aged adult when he is released. Now my point is I would like to work with other women and girl organisation in challengig United Nations, law enforcement agents such as the courts to consider castration for rapist of minors.

    Meanwhile I am determined to introduce systems and programs that will mobilise and encourage the world to support my move and am grateful for the information you have posted. Our NGO is into health, disease control and poverty alleviation programs. This is centered around women, youth, widows and orphans.

    We are happy this resource guide has been provided. Please consider funding;networking and mentoring the mentioned young NGO that was founded in It fights gender based violence against women and girls;empowers them with strategies,skills and projects that help women and girls to eradicate poverty;human rights abuse and illiteracy. It supports girls education;widows and orphans.

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    • I will submit the proposal for upon your request. I appreciate you that providing Fund raising Resources for Women and Girls. The resources have opened an entire different network for me.