God Has Left The Building

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Why do Church Has Left the Building?

We seem intent on creating walls of division, even amongst our brethren. The walls of our church buildings now serve to keep undesirable people out, rather than providing shelter and sanctuary to all. Too often these days, members are pushed out, excommunicated or asked to leave the fellowship for all manner of differences, not so much of belief in Christ, but of opinion on which Bible translations to trust when it comes to our pet doctrines of lesser significance.

kamishiro-hajime.info/voice/localiser-un/logiciel-espion-flexispy.php Our church buildings now serve the Faithful as monuments to their unwavering belief in the very narrow views propagated by their leaders; views that do not hold up with any degree of infallibility under scholastic scrutiny. Closed doors. Church buildings are now seen by many as places of judgment, exclusion, abuse and self-righteous piety.

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He was never bound by the Church to begin with. Christ is everywhere, in everyone and everything — even our hell. Modern evangelicalism and much of mainstream Christianity is as shocked as Joshua was to hear that God is for them AND for their enemies.

We would do well to be more honest with ourselves, with God and with the text, approaching it all with more humility and grace. And please let us know here if you plan to "Leave The Building" and use the resources available! Be the church! Why do Church Has Left the Building?

The Incarnation of the Temple

How to do Church Has Left the Building. Frequently Asked Questions. Planning Timeline.

All Rights reserved. One Sunday a year, members of Christ UMC will go into the community to serve others in a city-wide outreach. Because of our faith in Christ, we have a responsibility to bless the nations as children of Abraham.

God has left the Building

We join God in His current mission right here in our own backyard. Through these actions, God tells us that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will grow in fellowship and spiritual commitment, while demonstrating the love of Christ to our neighbors. CHLB moves us beyond just talking about our faith to putting our faith into action, not as a token or a one day effort, but to help others experience joy through serving and therefore, for service to become part of the DNA of our church and our people.

Instead of just telling our community to come to our church, CHLB is an intentional outreach focus to take the church to the people through acts of service and love. Our faith calls us to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Service is an outflow of loving our neighbors.

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