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She bumps her head on the ship and falls unconscious. The commander, now wide awake, realizes she'll drown and rescues her. There's a language barrier, so Valerie flies into a panic, fearing the worst. The aliens don't seem to want to hurt her, but in her upset state, Val yanks on random levers on the dash and floods the ship. She apologizes for what she's done, and invites them to stay with her while she gets the pool drained so they can dry out their ship and return home.

They don't understand at first but they learn English from TV and quickly adapt to the California lifestyle. Val, on hearing it will take the whole weekend to drain the pool and dry out their ship, takes the aliens to her friend's salon for makeovers so they can pass for human until the pool is drained, the ship is dried out and capable of taking off.

To the delight of everyone involved, shaving all the neon-colored fur off the tourists unleashes three pieces of man-candy on Southern California. Zeebo and Wiploc become party boys, but Mac pretty much concentrates on learning English and communicating with Valerie.

He realizes that she is unhappy due to how Ted treats her, but dismayed that she doesn't seem to think she deserves better. The alien boys get into wacky adventures courtesy of Candy wanting to party with them. Ted hates the boys on sight, and when he realizes that they're not what they seem, Mac and Val have to hatch a plan to rescue Zeebo and Wiploc. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Who's on the most wanted list? A brand new girl! Who's the one they can't resist? Honey, if you vixenize, guaranteed he'll get a rise! Mike the Cop: Great. For now, Laurie and I are having lunch al fresco in Washington.

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Parked nearby is the 'stopglobalwarming. Laurie makes speeches, Sheryl plays guitar and sings. Our driver is a good ol' boy from Texas and he has said that after listening to my speeches he has decided not to waste water by washing the whole bus. He'll just do the tyres. A bit of dirt won't hurt, he said. I thought, "Yes, that's it. That is the whole point, right there. As she talks, the year-old Laurie stares straight at you, unblinkingly, with grass-green eyes. She is friendly, but also intense, animated and impatient. Me, I'd cover that stuff in five seconds.

But she can talk about global warming until - she tells me she can be a bore on the subject at dinner parties, if she is not careful. But when they ask me about global warming, I can't stop myself. It consumes me.

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It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing at night. I am reminded of something Larry wrote about her in the introduction to her book. When he first met her she was 'a materialistic, narcissistic, superficial, bosomy woman from Long Island. She read People magazine, watched hours of mindless television and shopped like there was no tomorrow. Finally, I had met someone as shallow as me. Then he sensed something had begun to change. I began to notice new people hanging around the house, people who were not in showbusiness and wore a lot of tweed.

When I mention this Laurie says: 'Yeah, look what he ended up with. I guess I always wanted to be running a Hollywood studio, but when your husband has the most successful comedy show on television, where do you go from there? How do you compete? On some level she seems to be in competition with her more famous husband.

She was quite competitive as a child, she says, being the youngest of three sisters. Her campaigning side first manifested itself when she felt that not enough people were buying the Beatles album Let it Be - she cut out adverts for it and went around pinning them to trees in a mile radius of her house. Her background was conventional enough.

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Her father was a travelling salesman, she studied magazine journalism at college and one of her first jobs was working in a car showroom. The irony! She later landed a job as a talent co-ordinator for David Letterman's show in New York. It was there she met Larry, although Letterman turned him down for the show - much to their mutual amusement.

Four years later, she left to start her own management company, representing comedians as well as comedy writers - but not her husband, who she says is 'unmanageable'. So how did she get from there to here - from fluffy showbiz to steely- eyed eco-activism? I really started to worry about her future, like I had this early warning bell that was going off in my head: Danger! We have to warn people. Global warming terrifies me. It should terrify everyone.

I thought: What can I do? I have to use my contacts to do something about this. And so she did. Not only did she persuade Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin and Jack Black to take part in her 'eco' comedy special, Earth to America, she also began holding 'eco-salons', with climatologists as guest speakers.

When I ask whether her campaign hasn't become the latest fashionable celebrity cause, she becomes a little defensive. We want it to be fashionable. That was why I wanted to do this bus tour with Sheryl. Anyway, you can't say someone like Leonardo is just following fashion.

Earth girls aren't easy

He bought the first hybrid way before they became fashionable. Laurie refers to the Toyota Prius, a hybrid car. There is now a nine-month waiting list for them in Hollywood, thanks to her. She made them fashionable partly by persuading those of her friends who produce television shows to feature them. She got one on 24, for example. And Larry, who bought two, drives one in his semi-autobiographical comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm. In it he plays a curmudgeonly sitcom mogul who ambles through his comfortable life routinely annoying everyone around him, including blind people and the mentally ill.

Cheryl Hines plays Larry's 'wife' in the show. Although the character is a green activist she spends her days gossiping with friends and worrying about her wardrobe. But blonde is fine. People do still get confused, though. They assume the screen wife is based on me, but actually she is much nicer to Larry than I am. I imagine the episode in which Larry has a pubic hair stuck in his throat raised eyebrows among her friends. There were comments next day. The lunch moms at school gave me funny looks.

In another episode Larry reminds 'Laurie' of her promise that after 10 years of marriage she would reward his faithfulness by letting him sleep with another woman. Larry and Laurie had had that conversation, she says, but only as a joke. I ask if the autobiographical element of the show nevertheless makes her feel self-conscious at home. But he does keep a ratty little brown notebook and is constantly scribbling ideas in it. Awkward social moments. They sound like a nightmare couple to invite round for supper: her banging on about global warming, him furtively taking notes.

She gives a short bark of laughter. What can you do? You know, the big difference between our characters in the show is that he is quite shy in real life and I am much more confrontational. Laurie has a reputation for pulling up alongside Humvee drivers on the highway, shaking her fist and yelling: 'How many miles a gallon do you get in that? Eight, isn't it?

Larry, she says, sometimes begs her to revert to her maiden name. She also had a pop at George Bush's chief policy adviser, Karl Rove, recently, when she came across him at a Washington banquet. I've never had anyone be so rude. According to Rove, however: 'She came over to insult me and she succeeded. By her own admission, Laurie is something of a tyrant in her own home, too, when it comes to being green. Him and the kids. I won't let them take long showers or run the water too much when they're brushing their teeth. I won't let them leave adaptors plugged in or stand-by lights on. Everyone has to use both sides of the paper for printing and faxing.

And I make them take used polystyrene cups when they go to the coffee shop.

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Did you know 25 billion polystyrene cups are thrown away every year? We should complain. I've become good at complaining.

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And flying by private jet? She has been dubbed a 'Gulfstream liberal' for flying coast to coast by private jet from her house in LA to her holiday home in the east coast island, Martha's Vineyard. I'm not the old-fashioned idea of a tree-hugging environmentalist. I wear designer clothes. I enjoy eating meat. I sometimes fly by private jet. But very rarely. I try to use commercial flights whenever I can. And I have the frequent-flier miles to prove it. Laurie sometimes gets hate mail.

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She had one letter recently saying: 'No wonder there is increasing anti-Semitism. I've been reading some of them, I say. Strong stuff, ugly even.