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I shook my head.

Megan (Women of Primrose Creek Series #4)

In the workshop sessions I made copious notes. I browsed the book room and it was like Christmas morning and finding delightful presents. She probably could have told me so and to go sign up with a nonfiction editor. No—kind, sweet, and professional Karen Ball read each of my five prayers.

She wanted to take my pages back to Tyndale House with her and I agreed. I did not know the significance of her doing so. Not long after the conference, Karen phoned me that Tyndale would like me to write more prayers. The result was Tyndale published two prayer books by me—my first published books.

As I began to learn the craft, I began submitting short stories and articles—and getting them published. By the way, that young lady who spilled her books in the hotel entrance was Bodie Thoene. She and her husband Brock were the keynote speakers for the conference. And that woman with the beautiful Texas drawl who sat beside me in the auditorium was Vickie Phelps who is now a close writer-friend.

My first published novels, sweet Southern romances, in the Caney Creek Series are set in the Southern Appalachians of East Tennessee where my ancestors and I were raised. Their stories fascinated me and I wanted to write about a time before I was born. This story percolated in my mind in the late s.

While this story continued to take shape, in I received a life-altering health diagnosis with a negative prognosis. My balance while walking diminished and I quit going to writing conferences. My doctor advised me not to drive. In , I began to improve.

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My hands were steadier and I could get my Appalachian story started. From to I had a lot of time to meditate. I think God just gave me time to understand a lot of things when I was inactive. The writing journey is never-ending. The Yearbook Series: Sue and Tom coming soon. The Lion Awakens YA Freaky Frank MG Five quick questions with Buffy. What do you do when you need to think or are stuck in your writing? I run. For some reason it frees my mind and I often find that it provides the clarity and direction I need. Just like Hemingway. Does it always work out? First person or third? It depends.

I write in both. Speaking of reading, how have your reading tastes evolved over the years? When I was in elementary school, I used to read mostly mysteries. Somewhere along the line I graduated to classics. I like nonfiction, too. In fact, the last two books I read were nonfiction. Definitely not a Christian book, but very well worth the read. I was a voracious reader as a child, back in the days when I had the time for it. I was probably in 2 nd grade.

Bored nearly to tears, I picked up a chapter book that had a boring cover and no pictures. Once I started reading, I was sucked in in a way that had never happened before. I read and read, eager to see what happened next. Fortunately this is not a full-time job, so I have time for writing. And other things. But I love the job. Because the world is such a noisy place, I prefer quiet when I can get it.

Best Paranormal Romance Book Series to Binge Read

At one time, my husband and I raised almost all our own food — meat, milk, and eggs included. There were a few exceptions flour, sugar, orange juice, and Jell-o come to mind , but what we had to buy, we paid for by selling things we raised. For the space of a couple of years, we ate for free. It was a lot of work, but it was immensely satisfying. Oh my goodness those are huge veggies!

Hmmm… let me think about this for a little bit….. Child of weakness, watch and pray. Find in Me your all in all. Yvonne has a blurb and except of Ransom on the Rock. Thanks for visiting! How much is a life worth? And who will pay the price? Why do they want her back now? Her chest tight with dread, Lileela opened the closet. No way in Karkar could she narrow her wardrobe to one item. It was almost enough to make a girl scream.

But, tempting though it may be, fifteen was a little old to be throwing a tantrum like a toddler. It should be a multi-piece ensemble. Though technically one outfit, she could wear separate parts on different occasions, making it seem like more. Swallowing a sob, she climbed the stepstool to reach the control that activated the display. One by one, each item in her closet appeared on the screen then faded away to reveal the next. The paler one, with the little flecks of—no, maybe the solid would be better.

Lileela limped down from the stool and exited the closet, leaving the display running. Lileela tipped her head back to look her aunt in the pale yellow eye. What else would they be doing there? Row after row of miniscule images filled the wide screen. Lileela was proud of her wardrobe, but it did make choosing difficult. More than she cared to admit. That was one reason she had such a hard time deciding what to bring. That was another thing she would sorely miss. What sort of accessories would she find on Gannah?

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Trying to remember if her mother wore jewelry, all she could recall was a ring. The signet of her authority as toqeph. Her hands trembled, and she took a slow, deep breath, trying to calm herself.

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The breath turned into a sob. But Gannah is your home.

The Legal Ouster of the KKK From Kansas, 1922-1927

Lileela pulled away. Why do they even want me? But that moment was short, fleeing before her greater self-pity. Especially when she managed to produce a few tears in the corners of her eyes, like she did now. Please report to Shuttle Bay Three immediately.

Stories, quotes and anecdotes.

Lileela Pik. Shuttle Bay Three.

We should have been there a quarter hour ago. Lileela slammed the jewelry box into the bag. When the shoes she selected emerged, she tossed them to her auntie, who stuffed them into the suitcase and closed it again with swift movements. Lileela went, but she scowled all the way. Just one decent outfit, one real pair of shoes, and no cosmetics. Skiskii pulled the horn, and people in the hall moved out of her way. They were cute shoes, too.

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She was certain never to find anything like them on Gannah. Your parents have finally come up with the means of paying for your care. Some release. My father used to beat me, did you know that? And I was little then. Skiskii negotiated another turn, a little more carefully this time, onto the last hall before the shuttle bay elevators. But her worried ears and tearful eyes belied her comforting words. Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world. The Story in the Stars , the first in the Gateway to Gannah series and her debut novel, was a Carol Award finalist in The adventure continues with Words in the Wind and Ransom in the Rock and concludes with The Last Toqeph , scheduled for release in the fall of She lives in Western Maryland with her husband of almost forty years and shares the occasional wise word on her personal site, YsWords.

But, nope. It clearly said I had won. Sure enough, there I was in bold red and blue lettering. I hopped back to the email to see who had sent it I tend to scroll down without looking at the addresses and I read it to my husband, who ran to get the IPAD and check it out on something bigger than a post-it-note. Then I dashed off a reply to the sender and went back to the internet to check it again.

Congratulations to all the other winners, too. It will be like the time I won the garden award. Jo will be offering a copy of That Summer, the first book in her series to a lucky commenter.

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Please leave your email address so I can get in touch with you if your name is chosen. By the way, Jo, I love the car on your cover! So, Jo, Please tell the readers about the book that is being showcased today. Settled in town, Jim strays from God and the way of faith his momma taught him.

He meets a girl and loses his heart … and meets another girl and loses his willpower. Jim wrestles with social and moral dilemmas as he makes a choice beside Caney Creek that will alter the lives of five people. The setting of the series is the Southern Appalachians of East Tennessee where my ancestors and I grew up. Their stories fascinated me and caused me to want to write about a time before I was born. I had to write at least one more book about them.

Just finished my first rough draft. Now the hard part—editing.

The Journey with Jo Huddleston

Editor usually want those series released quickly to keep readers coming back. Are you a fast writer or a slow writer? The average number per writing session? My goal is to write at least 1, words a day. Setting is also important in books. Do you do anything special to create yours, like visiting the area, googling satellite maps, looking at books or pictures? Do you have a favorite book? My first three books, which were traditionally published, were nonfiction books. Now, any nonfiction books I read are usually writing craft books.