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Hong Kong, Mainland China, South Africa, Europe, just a few locations of the flying bullets, bombs and luxury jets falling from the sky. Buckle up. Set in the s Jack and Grace, one a war veteran and the other a former socialite, open a detective agency together with their cat Tatiana, later joined by her friend Zeus.

The books are delightful. Boys that grew to be hardened men, violent men, men without fear and only one desire: to rise above the foul stench of the Brooklyn Streets that had taken away our souls. Driven to discover the truth behind a series of murders which shock the university community, Yorke turns his back on those closest to him with bloody and disastrous consequences. One in darkness, one in light.

As detective Judy Norris races against time to solve a disturbing disappearance, the cryptic Mary struggles to remember how it is she came to arrive at a lonely house nestled deep within the forest. The veil thins. The truth draws closer. What are you Beholden to? Kindle Are these books no longer free? Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again! Kisses and Curses by Candace Sams and more: Sometimes the sweetest kiss is the most terrible curse.

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Enter realms of darkness and journey among the stars with unlikely heroes and iron-willed heroines, fall in love with supernatural beasts on earth and swoon for adventurous interstellar travelers in this limited edition collection of paranormal and sci-fi romances. When his childhood sweetheart, Lady Judith Barton, reappears in town after three years, she has much more to say than hello.

But love is out of the question. Or is it? Add a bear shifter firefighter determined to protect his fated mate. Apply enough heat to start a fire! Heat is a novel-length steamy standalone paranormal romance with no cliffhangers. Is he an Olympian hero or the bad boy disaster the media says he is? Oldest grandson, Matt Harris, must get married and produce an heir before he turns thirty.

If not, the entire family will lose their inheritance. The first class is on: Oral Expression.

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Oral… what? One night together has the potential to change everything between them… if they can overcome their secrets. Whether you prefer romantic erotica, light erotica, or really hardcore stories you will surely be satisfied as this collection is a mix of the best of the best across many different erotica genres. But the prince is hundreds of miles away and there is desert and sea and woods to cross. And I am alone. Can I deliver it to him in time or will I be too late? Sit by the fire and hear my story. Kindle Chosen for Sight by Delia Stewart: A teenaged girl discovers she can communicate with ghosts and is inducted into a secret school for kids with special talents that lie beneath the streets of NYC.

They live among us now, renting apartments, laboring in the workforce, and paying taxes.

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Everest in Flip-Flops by Terence Shannon: What kind of shot does a nineteen-year-old kid have with a twenty-six-year-old nurse? Better than you think when he has ten weeks to wear her down. The story takes place at a Catholic summer camp in Kindle Is this book no longer free? A mother who insists on making her child ill. A family murdered one by one in their own home. The employee who stole millions from his employer. Music transforms her life, helping her to overcome great tragedy and leading her to a surprise discovery. Her best guy friend, Jess, is more than willing to help her out.

It wraps up the trilogy at least for now! I never say never! And in this case, I wanted to hark back to the Alaska romances I read as a teen but with a very modern flavor—I wanted big scenery, big feels and big action. I love working with series, so I knew I wanted two to four books—three being ideal, simply because I love trilogies. I wanted the place itself to be a continuing character that brought the couples together and that unified the series. I loved the idea of connecting the books loosely so that each could stand alone, yet uniting them with an overall series mood or tone.

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Thus, while Toby makes a super brief appearance in book 1, Arctic Sun , his story is pretty self-contained in book 2, Arctic Wild. However, as I was drafting books 2 and 3, I was still aware of time passing for the prior books. For instance, I knew that while Reuben Arctic Wild and Quill Arctic Heat were both over forty, they had way different looks—Reuben more silver fox corporate attorney and Quill more rugged ranger outdoorsman. While I wanted a fish out of water for each book, I also wanted really unique stories for each book, so I focused my brainstorming on ways in which the heroes were different from each other, what point in life each was at, what their personal backstory was and what would drive the conflict.

Having unique goals, motivation and conflict for each character really let each of the books take on a life of its own, which was delightful. And, of course, I aimed for roughly similar lengths, using a similar number of scene cards to start my plotting for each book, and similar heat levels. Also, by returning to setting, I was able to further unify the series—making sure that Alaska itself played a major role in each story. And readers! I want to know what you think the perfect series length is and what your favorite all-time series are!

About Arctic Heat :. The former investment banker hopes to find his next challenge in Alaska, volunteering alongside park rangers and fulfilling his childhood dreams of snowy winters and rustic life. Of course, those dreams did tend to feature big strapping mountain men in vivid detail… Ranger Quilleran Ramsey would like to be anywhere other than dealing with newbie volunteers. As the weeks pass, the two snowbound men give in to temptation. But can their seasonal romance last until spring?

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Welcome to our first-page critiques! These critiques are meant to give insight into how we might look at a manuscript as it comes across our desks on submission. The next opportunity to submit a piece for critique is will open soon, so please watch the blog for more. What she finds is more than she bargains for and more than she could handle. Jasmine Thornton pulled into the parking lot of D.

Morris LLP, cutting off the ignition, her nerves started to get the better of her. This was a big favor to ask of him, Damien may be upset that she kept him out of the loop for so long. They did not keep secrets from one another. She had to get it over with, reaching for her phone, finding his name and hitting talk. Resting her head on the headrest of the seat, letting her eyes close. She needed to relax, this was exciting, Damien will agree, once he realizes how bad she wants this. She could hear the smile in his voice. Damien always had a smile waiting for her. Sometimes spending only five minutes with him made everything better.

Damien was standing by the grey weathered wood L-shaped reception desk waiting for her, seeing him in his baby blue suit pulling at his toned arms, with two buttons of his white shirt undone and the exposed brick. The sunlight coming through the window gleamed off his dark brown skin, making the perfect GQ cover, he was great man candy she could look at him for hours.

The ding from the elevator caught his attention, and he turned and gave the smile that was meant just for her.

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His smile made her feel at ease. He is her person and she, his. Jasmine would like to think they are in some way like Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, granted neither are dark and twisted as the T. They both have had their fair share of crazy family drama, no bombs in body cavities, or ferry boat crashes, but they had each other. I was trying something new. Damien has smelt the same for years; he smelled of ginger and sandalwood. She asked him about it many times, but he swears he does not wear cologne; it bothers his sinus.

It is just his natural smell. His smell made her feel as if she was right where she needed to be. Giving him a hard shove, making him stumble a couple of steps back. The location was perfect for the lunch or dinner being only walking distance from southside works the newer business developments in the area, but they were able to grab a table by the window the Monongahela River. She was smiling, Jasmine thought she did not stop smiling since Dr. Banks told her, she could have a child, the news was bubbling up inside her ready to burst out.

Why was she waiting? Causing Damien to sputter on his Pepsi. She had planned on waiting until their food arrived and made some small talk not to hit him with it. Wiping his mouth. I appreciated that by the end of the scene, we have both a clear idea of who the characters are to one another and of how the conflict could potentially disrupt that in a way to trigger the romance.

The opening of this reminds me of a good category romance — it goes right to the central force of the story and stays there. One other element I also enjoyed was the immediate sense of place. The details you placed were great markers of the area and allowed me to envision the setting better.

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Your usage of local detail stood out, and I think it helped make the story feel more full in these opening pages. There are a few things you can do to make this first scene more engaging. While I was compelled by the conflict and character relationships, I struggled with the technical quality of the writing. It makes it hard to concentrate on the compelling story, and it also obscures the authorial voice.

Edge of the Heat Edge of the Heat Series Audiobook 1

Voice can involve grammar or repetition of specific things, but it should be deliberate or add to the experience. Do you have questions about my feedback or the First-Page Critique program? Your turn to add constructive feedback for the author in the comments section!